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Published: 7 years ago

A long way for a work Christmas meal

Hull to Bournemouth and back again in 24 hours. Yes it’s a fair way to go for a work Christmas meal but it was really great to see all of the head office including a catch up with my line manager about my progress. It’s strange to think that since the start of my internship in July I’ve only met 80% of my colleagues twice considering its such a small company. A fancy French meal kickstarted the night, I had Ho idea what I was eating, then a set by a swing band The Ratpack. Followed by all the “young un’s” hitting the town, ending up in a student bar in my 3 piece suit, we all certainly stood out from the crowd.

In all seriousness though, I think it’s a great thing to mention in an interview process how you don’t have to physically be there with people every single day to work well as a team and achieve things as a small organization with different branches. This is especially true for me as part of the development team because our lead developer actually life’s in Kuwait from home. It works surprisingly well with weekly Skype voice calls aswell as daily instant messaging through Skype all the time.

I’m just on the way home now after a great day yesterday and I’ve managed to find access to the wizarding world.

    • Josh Naylor says:

      Ahh, screwed up the damn title. That’s what you get when doing the entire post on a rickety train sat at a table with this couple whispering and kissing for 2 hours. Bleuggh.

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