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Published: 8 years ago

best gameplay

The actual basic behind this game can quite literally blow your mind in some instances but its so simple, minimalistic and fresh no one has seen anything like it before. It can make you feel like an absolute dumb-ass one minute then Einstein then next.\n\nMy choice for best game-play has to be Portal.\n\n\n\nPhysics games aren”t exactly unpopular but this one just feels so different. Even the start of the game when your under false pretenses thinking its just your training soon turns sour and you realize ”Woaw this is the game” does take you quite by surprise as well as finding out they will be no cake :(. It proves that modern games don”t have to be hellbent on destroying thousands of enemies and each other to be a successful game. Who would of thought you could do this with a first-person game not to mention being so attached to a aqure block and a character you never see (unless you set up a portal to see yourself) or hear (except grunts).\n\nWell Done Valve.

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