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Published: 6 years ago

Eurogamer – Day 1

I along with 9 of the other Windows games Ambassadors where invited to spend two days at Eurogamer to promote Windows 8 and Windows phone 8 through the power of games. We were displaying two games by Rebellion; Judge Dredd vs Zombies and Zombie HQ, both available on either platform. As both games involve the undead, it was perfect time to go guerrilla and zombie up to roam the event.

So Wednesday afternoon John and myself set off to London and had some fun with the Rando app on the train. Rando lets you take and receive pictures to anyone else across the world randomly. It’s very fun.

We got to the hotel with plenty of time to spare as we didn’t need to be there until 7 so we decided to go to The Natural History museum as it was just 10 minutes walk down the road. There was some really cool things to see and it’s FREE! We couldn’t stay for too long as it closed but still got to see a lot.


 We met up with everyone and went out for some pizza and a few beers, catching up with various things as we hadn’t seen each other for a few months. As you can see it was riveting conversation.

We went for a quick walk to see if anyone was camping out to get in super early and Earls Court looked really cool in lights.

Next morning we arrive super early getting into the empty event hall to have a quick look around at all the Exhibitors and to get all zombied up. The Dredds look really awesome too.

We demoed the games throughout the day whilst the Dredds and other Zombies got peoples attentions by having fights in an open area.

The day continued with dinner out and me been picked to go to the after-party with Lee to meet some VIP’s. It was an amazing night, free drinks and food, Jägerbomb bar and a photo booth with fancy dress. I got to meet some really cool people from Lionhead, Sony, Microsoft, Ardvark Swift and Bossa Studios.  

The photo booth was well used if you didn’t notice. And that was the end of day one.





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