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Published: 6 years ago

Eurogamer Day 2

After the amazing night I was not amused when my alarm starting ringing at 6 which meant 3 hours sleep, I’m defiantly getting to old for this. A lovely big breakfast sorted everything out quite nicely and made our way back to the venue for 8 so we could have a play on the stands before doors officially open at 10. I managed to play abit of Forza, Zoo Tycoon and Kinnect ventures. Then it was time for some of the other people to zombie up.

I spent most of the morning roaming around the indie section showing of the game on surface and phone again and checking out some of the other games. I especially liked a game by Norweigen studio Rock Pocket Games called Shiftlings. The game revolves around two aliens attached by an imbolical cord type rope, one alien is huge and the other tiny, they can shift the weight between them through the cord solving puzzles. They’ve also just been accepted onto Steam Greenlight so check it out!

Another indie game was Assault Android Cactus which is a hectic twing stick shooter, really good fun. You can read about it here.

The afternoon I spent upstairs at the careers and develop sessions.





I ended the day with grabbing goodies from Zoo Tyoon and Surgeon Simulator.

It was an amazing two days at my first Eurogamer with Microsoft, hopefully I’m there again next year, ideally demoing my own game in the indie section. Thanks to ZED Events for the Zombifying it up.


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