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Published: 7 years ago

First Development Session

We hosted our first development session yesterday evening, some fantastic ideas where shared and there is a whole variety of projects underway. The intention of these weekly sessions is to get everyone motivated, focused and working on finishing and releasing games for their portfolios, myself included. It’s often hard to get projects finished on solo projects whilst at home with plenty of temptations so we hope to help people overcome these sins.


So yesterday we had a great turnout for the quite late first session. John pitched an idea for a Monogame windows 8 game based on snowmen with hairdryers (crazy right) but soon had a team together. Other projects include Tom and James creating a 2d platform engine so they can later produce platformers with relative ease and Christophe re doing his ninja Three Thing Game game onto windows phone.

We hope to run these weekly and are looking at 1pm when ComSoc FragFest isn’t on and half 4 when Fragfest is on. All I can stress is portfolio. I’m the worst for it, I browse the web and am constantly consider my next project, the idea, the target platform, the language. I’ve started to change this and just start something and stick to it, something is better than nothing. I’ll be updating everyone for the next date and time. If you’d like any more information feel free to get in touch.

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