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Published: 7 years ago

First weeks of been an intern

I”ve started my third week as an intern at Keyfort as a software engineer and already I know this was the correct career choice for me, albeit in the wrong industry (the games industry would be a dream come true) but you have to get the commercial experience first I guess. I”ve been working on a warehouse management web-app system tweaking/fixing various things for an indecisive customer.\r\nIt feels great when you receive and email from them saying they are pleased with the updates on the dev server and want to go live as soon as possible. It also feels great to think I am saving my company lots of outsourced development costs as I”m the only software developer official that they employ full time. I best add another ”It feels great” moment, you know the rule of 3. It feels great too that I managed to do this without knowing anything hardly anything about PHP and mySQL 3 weeks ago as primarily my main development languages are C++ and C#.\r\n\r\nEnough about those, my latest achievement is far greater…\r\n\r\nSo today I was just chilling on my break, browsing the BBC Olympics page when this humongous fly flew at my head, I thought it was a bee it was so big, I dodged it, Where had it come from? The windows where shut I thought. It fly s at the window ”thud” surprised it didn’t shatter the size of the thing. It turns round and adjusts its course back to me. My eyes sharpen I grab the closest thing too me (my very oddly shaped banana which I was saving for the afternoon) and ”wake me up before you go go” (WHAM! for those none Georgie M fans) I hit the beast across the room, it lands on the table then fly s off out of the room. I don’t think I”ll be seeing him again, he best warn his friends.\r\n\r\nAnyway, Welcome to my blog.’, ‘Today I whacked a fly with a banana… no, not a euphemism.

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