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Published: 7 years ago

Game Development Group Sessions

What prevents you from undertaking or finishing projects in your spare time?

Time constraints?

We all experience at least one of these in the space between thinking of a great idea and actually starting or finishing it off. Portfolios are becoming more and more necessary in the job application process especially within the game industry and you would have to be pure genius to wing it just on your CV and degree alone. So whilst in education, get building your portfolio!

Myself and John are hosting weekly game development sessions starting on Wednesday 6th March at 5:30 in the ITMB labs on Hull Campus to get everyone together, sharing ideas and experience making games. We’re not offering anything special we just want to cure the above student sins by motivating each other to succeed. Weather it’s solo projects or group projects you have in mind everyone needs that time out of their day in the right environment to work. We hope you can make it!

Adding to this we’d more than love you to make games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, we all have the free tools and access to develop accounts, it has never been so easy. Check out this presentation by Lee Stott why to build games for Windows 8.

Remember Wednesday 6th, 5:30, ITMB.

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