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Published: 6 years ago

Get in the Game Tour

This week I’ve spent going around different universities in the Yorskhire leg of the Aardvark Swifts get in the game talk. I spoke at Huddersfield, Hull and both Sheffield Universities to students in the same position as myself about standing out from the crowd. I think it hit home to a lot of these students that they literally have months before having to go out and find a job in games, many hadn’t ever made a game or taken part In a game jam.


On the Friday I also spoke in Birmingham at Launch Conference, a brilliant event aimed at students and start-ups in the digital arts, mainly games companies. I but minutes to spare upon my arrival due to horrendous traffic but I soon conducted myself and talked about my story so far to 100+ people. I was soon named “The Gnome Guy” the rest of the day, I guess I’ll take it as a compliment.

Overall it I had a great week and it was great to talk to interested students afterwards and hopefully I inspired them to go home that night and start their first game. 

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