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Published: 7 years ago

GGJ Death’s Burden

First let me just say how brilliant this event was and a special thanks to Tom Tomlinson, Simon Grey and the guys at Platform Expo for all their effort in organizing The Global Game Jam Hull and hope we have many more for years to come. It’s always great to see so many diverse games from just one theme and it just shows the talent of people in our area, I hope many of the games developed in 48 hours of the competition make it into the public domain so everyone can see how great we are in this area and hopefully this will promote the region to business’s. We need investment for digital arts scene, from games to music to video, we can all contribute. Another Thanks to Lee Stott and Microsoft for the prizes for the top 3 games, unfortunately we didn’t make that, still top 6 isn’t bad at all.

Deaths Burden

Onto our game, Death’s Burden is a platform puzzler which involves the Grim Reaper trying to escape the Devils lair with his heart and spirit which he has stole back of the Devil after being fed up with being his Angel Of Death for far to long. Grim has to get past various obstacles  the Devil has set using his spirit as help. The spirit can pass through walls, activate levers and has less gravity so can jump higher and further distances. As the game progresses and Grim is becoming more human again, the time in which he can use his external spirit is less as it is attaching more to his soul and as one full person this makes the game harder and the spirit timer shows this on the GUI. Below is a short gameplay video of what we produced and you can see what we are trying to achieve. More levels and features to come.

The game is made in Unity and was even greater of an effort as we all downloaded Unity on Thursday night ready for Friday afternoon not having had any previous experience. What was the worst that could happen, right?

Thanks to my team, Grim Souls for all your effort, Ben, Codie and Dan. We are going to try deploy the game to browser so people can easily play it so watch this space.

  1. James Croft says:

    Can’t wait to see what you guys have done. What did the winning team’s game look like?

    • Josh Naylor says:

      It was outstanding, no one could of got anywhere near the quality they all produced. 3d survival horror, 7 people could connect to the LAN and 1 was an invisible ghost who had to catch the others, they could only hear it’s hearbeat get closer and louder. Near enough all art themselves to create like ground mansion. Pretty amazing.

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