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Published: 7 years ago

hectic lifestyle

Its been a whole month since my last post, its been so hectic. My internships going along smoothly, I”ve nearly completed my presentation which I will be giving in Jan/Feb to Chandra, top student I know. Fortunately I still have access to all 3rd year lecture and ACW materials so I”m prepping for next year way in advanced but it can only work to my advantage,  It also helps having friends advice on which modules are going good/bad which will affect my decision later in the year. Although I”m set to do Games Dev I don”t want to make it too games orientated and listening to peoples opinions of the visualization module, I think I shall be choosing distributed systems programming instead.\n\n\nIn this last month It”s been my little boys 2nd birthday, toys everywhere, food everywhere, multicolored cake EVERYWHERE !! But hey, he had a great time. One present he did receive that was not so welcome was chicken pox, its been horrible. I”ve spent a fair few night on the air bed so he can snuggle with mummy in bed so I can get some welcomed sleep to be okay for work in the morning, I feel awful for my girlfriend though. Another thing that”s happened is hull fair. I love the fair and it was great to take Elijah now he take it all in and go on the rides.

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    Your site has a mismatched theme, might want to look into it.
    Also your site keeps afforing me “mature dating” as this is a professional E-portfolio I would advise NOT having ugly women thrown in my face.

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