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Published: 7 years ago

Hull College Developer Day

Last week myself, John and Microsoft Evangelist Lee Stott held a developer day at Hull College for the BTEC Next Gen computing and HSAD (Hull School of Art and Design) web design students. The day’s purpose was to promote and teach the students how easy it is to make and publish games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 stores.

Lee started the day introducing the benefits and some background on the evolution of both stores and how they have tried to cater for everyone’s needs with clear and concise services to help anyone publish their applications and games. Next up John and I gave a presentation explaining what our role as Windows Games Ambassadors involved and some of the brilliant benefits the role entails. A fair few of the students are planning to study Computer Science at various universities including Hull so they may possibly the next ambassadors which they seemed very keen about.

me and john

We broke for lunch as a huge dominos order had arrived and it was great to talk to some of the students and teaching staff personally over this time. Lee started things off again with an introduction to Gamemaker showing some of the advantages of cross compatibility between devices. Next up I gave a demonstration of the HTML 2d engine Construct 2 and made a game live in 20 minutes to show what can be done and how quick. Next, John gave a demonstration of Monogame and also did a live demo of a ball bouncing around a set screen space.


What’s great is that all these engines and frameworks are cross platform compatible and we explained yes we’d love you to do it for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 but get it onto all of the possible platforms available. It was a great day and was great experience presenting to so many people, it’s something I really enjoy and would really love an evangelist type roll in the future. I really cant stop talking at events like this. The students and staff where really welcoming and we left with a lot more contacts and people knowing about the growing indie scene in Hull and all about Platform Studios.

We're going to try plan more talks like this especailly with Wyke and Wilberforce college both in the city that offer computing courses. 

Here is the presentation slides for the day:              




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