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Published: 7 years ago

Microsoft Student Incentives

Developing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 sure has its benefits at the moment and it’s my job to let you know what those are.


Global Game Jam 2013

Get your Global Game Jam game onto the Windows 8 market place
before the 16th March and enter this competition. Each team member
can win £250 each and a trip to Microsoft for the day.

Dreamspark Questionnaire

Fill in this questionnaire about Dreamspark and be in the draw for an Xbox 360!!!!

Don’t all apply though, I want to have a fair chance to win one myself       :p


Win £10,000 Rapid 2D Competition

Create and submit onto the Windows 8 store 5 games by the 2nd April to be in a draw to win £10,000 for the 1st prize and loads of other goodies for runners up. Every game over the 5 will be one extra place into the random draw.


Microsoft App Builder Rewards

Create games or apps and submit to the Windows 8 and Windows Phone store to get points to claim prizes. From tshirts to spy school to tablets to trips to paris. You can win it all. Just get them on the stores by the 30th April.



There is also nothing against incorporating your games into each competition so you Global Game Jam game can be submitted for points in the reward programme and will also be counted as a submission for one of five of the rapid competitions.

Brilliant right?

Get making game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and reap the rewards.

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