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Published: 8 years ago


MINECRAFT !!! This game can be played by anyone, i mean anyone, and this is why it is a game EVERYONE should play.\n\nThis game is so brilliant in many many ways.\n\n\n\nFirst is that there is no set path. its just you and the wild, do what with it as you wish.\n\nThen there is the simplicity of graphics. your a pixelated little man in a pixelated world against pixelated monsters catching pixelated animals. How many times can i say pix….\n\nThe picture above is a great example of “a picture is worth 1000 words” there is simply not enough time to talk about what Minecraft is. I”m pretty certain my mum or even my grandma could play this game in its raw form. and that”s why its soo brilliant.\n\nI was going to be playing Guild Wars 2 tonight but I”ve convinced myself to play this again.

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