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Published: 6 years ago

Platform Expo

This had to have been the best Platform Expo yet! Over 4 venues, City Hall, Guild Hall, Ferens Art gallery and the Hull studio school, it had something to offer for everyone. The Friday kicked off with hundreds of school children bursting through the doors to play games, listen to industry speakers, play retro game and attend workshops to learn about disciplines in the games industry. A truly awesome 2 days.

platform (2)

My company, The Gnome Factory where showing off our new game, Gnome Way Out (Sooo many Gnomes!) the game we had first started developing at Three Thing Game and we got some really great feedback, something that made us even more determined to make a quality game. There is nothing quite like handing your game over to someone, they play it for a few seconds and smiles.

The Monday following Platform Expos, the team and I where featured in the Hull Daily Mail with a great big picture of us with our game in the background.


Thanks to all those that helped organise and run the Expo and thanks to all those that came. Looking forward to next years.

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