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Josh Naylor. | Platform Studios Free Hotdesking

All things game development

Published: 7 years ago
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Platform Studios Free Hotdesking

All the staff at Platform Studios are very pleased to announce that we are now offering hotdesking services in a very large spacious city centre venue, free of charge. Yes that's right. Free!


We want everyone in the creative industries to be involved and share this space in the best way they can. Programmers, Artists, Designers, Web Developers, Sound Techs, Creative Writers and Film Makers. All are welcome. We currently have three game studios Gateway Interactive, Beard Bandit and The Gnome Factory situated in the office spaces, one full time who are always looking for people to help with projects and who better than the talent within the city. You can work on your own projects or collaborate with others, sharing thoughts, ideas and the ability for instant feedback is always a bonus.

There's nothing more productive than an actual physical workplace, especially for the self employed bedroom coder/artist/writer and this place could offer real meaning to what you achieve.


We are also extremely delighted to announce our partnership between Platform and the HullODL (Open Device Lab) the only lab in the North East of England run by Sacha Corazzi. This will now be situated in Platform Studios moving from HSAD (Hull School of Art and Design). Various devices collected by Sacha and supplied brand new by Nokia and Microsoft including some Kinnect Dev kits are available to book and use to test your apps/websites/ games on. More than brilliant right.

As well as pure office space and access to a number of devices we also have a small & limited (but very useful) kitchen area and also a server holding unit. There is also a private meeting room suitable for up to 10 people.

So who wouldn't be interested in this kind of opportunity right?

Next Steps:

1.      Contact:  platformexpos  / platformstudios

2.      Fill in a general application document and some examples of your work (don't worry if you don't have any).

3.      Meet one of the moderators at the studios to sign some quick legal & health and safety documentation.

4.      The office is open SUN – FRI 10:00 – 21:00

5.      Past 18:00 you are required to text  a moderator for access to the building.


Welcome to Platform Studios!!

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One Comment.
  1. Hi Josh

    I have a small start-up recruitment business Novus Asociaes and just me with 2 virtual offices Hull and London and could really do with a place to drop in to work grab a coffee etc.  Can you accommodae please?

    Thank you.


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