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Published: 7 years ago

So many games. Not enough time

I get in from a hard days work, tidy the house, have some tea, get my little boy bathed and in bed and finally get to sit down at my computer, chill and play some games. Now this is the hardest part, I explore my list of installed games and think “what the hell should I play, there is just too many”. There is so many great games out there that I own or want to own and when I play one game I think I could be playing the other and vice versa. So in the end I end up not deciding and just browsing the internet for hours until I’m too tired and go to bed. I feel bad on the games I have bought and not played. They just want to be played.

Generally I’m stuck between tf2, football manager, minecraft, league of legends, dayz, guildwars 2 and the heist not to mention the amount of humble bundles I have bought and not played. The steam sale doesn’t help either. Last Christmas I bought so many games, again not touched any. That is just my PC games. I’ve recently been collected older consoles and games such as a snes, a mega-drive and a GameCube all with plenty of amazing games.I think I just need to decide on a game to play, play through it and move on to the next. The question is where should I begin. Usually I prefer playing with other people rather than the single player story mode so I need someone , anyone to play these game with me.

My younger brother is staying over tonight, 16 year old Xbox player, so I’m planning on guiding him through the era of consoles, I let him play the first mario on snes the other week, he rage quit. Too hard apparently.

Feel free to add me on steam of you want to play some games. ID = sambiki saru.


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