All things game development

Published: 7 years ago

Game Development Group Sessions

What prevents you from undertaking or finishing projects in your spare time? Laziness? Confidence? Motivation? Ability? Time constraints? We all experience at least one of these in the space between thinking of a great idea and actually starting or finishing it off. Portfolios are …

Published: 7 years ago

Windows Games Ambassador Orientation

John and I went down to London for an orientation meeting for our new role as Windows Games Ambassadors. Our role for the rest of the academic year and further is to; “Inspire, evangelise and get students loving building games for Windows 8 and …

Published: 7 years ago


Vortex is fun, it’s crazy and anyone can play it. You are in control of a Camper Van flying through a Vortex, it’s crazy maaaan. Collect the rocket fuel molecules unless your fuel capacity will run out and the game will end displaying your …