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Published: 6 years ago

Three Thing Game


Another game jam has come to an end, well, it did 4 weeks ago but I forgot to write about it and it had to be my most successful yet in terms of accomplishments. With the words Wookie, Werewolf and Mountains my team Lords of Swing (I didn’t choose it!!) produced a full 3d horde game with a Gnome as the protagonist battling hordes of Wookies, Werewolfs and Skeletons protecting his mountain side mushroom home.

The event as a whole was awesome, some 120+ computer science students taking part including one staff team on the super lab with £500’s worth of pizza for the first evening alone. We had developers from Boss Alien down helping people progress their ideas and help with technical problems.

By the end of the 24 hours they were some amazing games on show including some impressive displays by some 1st year, well done to all those that took part.

I know what you came here for, to watch a Gnome whoop some Wookie, Werewolf and Skeleton butt:


You can see those who made the final here:

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