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Josh Naylor. | Three Thing Game

All things game development

Published: 7 years ago

Three Thing Game


The semesterly Three Thing Game Jam took place just before the weekend and it was as great as ever. The premise, make a game in 24 hours with 3 crazy 

words you had to bid for with some paper money. My words: Cows, Meat Head and Laboratory. We had 5 guys from Boss Alien come upto Hull to take part and judge due to the fact that 2 of them previosuly attend the university and took part on many three thing games. It was really great to see such a great studio getting invloved.  The participant numbers are the lowest I've seen for this event due to it being later on in the year than normal and many final year students had their project demos, that said, the overall quality is some of the best their has ever being.   


I fancied a challenge this time round and I’ve been having a whirl with the HTML 5 2d engine Construct 2 so I thought I’d give it a shot by myself when usually it’s teams of 3 or 4. I’m also keen on improving my artistic skills so this was a great chance to turn up the heat and make myself do it. 

We kicked off in the early afternoon, sweatpants on, 6 litres of water and a pack of chopped carrots, none of that energy drink rubbish. I had my idea in place very early, probably due to no one to share and debate a plan of action with. After some pizza and into the early hours I had much of my artwork in place and many of my features for my first level in place it was going mucher better than previous jams where we try exceed ourselves abit too much.

As the light shone through in the early morning I got through that 5 am "I'm about to die" phase with 6 levels. With a few hours remaining their where only 8 

teams remaining I decided to find some relevant music and sound effects as well as touching up my animations. I didnt want to add in any major extra features due because it'd definatly fall apart. As the 24 hours came to an end I was really pleased with what I had acheived. A complete game, 6 levels, menu system, tutorial level, sound effects, touch controls and some hilarious animations. I exported to Windows 8 and FTP'd straight upto my website for people to check out at the event and online.

Unfortunatly I didnt get into the overall top 3 where they had some really great games produced in the timeframe but I set out to complete a full game in 24 hours and that's what I acheived. It also goes towards my One Game A Month entry for May

If you'd like to play the web version of my game, Steak Out, you can do so HERE.  

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