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Published: 6 years ago

Unity Windows Phone Porting Event

I was invited to help out along with some of my fellow Windows Games Ambassadors at Nokia HQ for the UK’s biggest Windows Phone porting day in conjunction with Unity. This day was for developers who already have games made with Unity on IOS and Android stores but would like to get their games onto the Windows Phone stores.

We were invited down a few days before so we could go through some training deploying to devices and getting everyone up to the same level of experience with Unity. Though I’ve used Unity for some time self-taught it was great to be shown some nice hidden features and shortcuts from Unity Product Evangelist Andy Touch. The Nokia HQ is an awesome building, so many devices lying around such as the new huge 1520’s.

One of the evenings Nokia help a Windows Phone User group meet-up where developers could come show off their current projects, get helpful feedback and just generally talk everything Windows Phone. One app especially got everyone’s attention. PicHit is a photo app where people can request photos from anywhere in the world and users can upload them for the user to choose which one they like and sometimes offer a reward. Check it out at

The porting day itself was a huge success with over 50 developers from all over the country attending to get their games onto Windows Phone. 15 successfully ported on the day, 2 of which submitted to the store and rest feeling more than confident to be doing so over the weekend. Each developer went home with a shiny new Windows Phone so they could complete their ports with the best ports going into a competition to win either a 1520 or 2520.


One of the success stories was Christian West who ported and added features to his game Reindeer Round-Up in a matter of hours, submitted to the store on the day and it’s no live for you to purchase. I’d definitely recommend this game just for the catchy Christmas background music alone. You can find it here.

The whole week was really great meeting all these new developers who now love to develop for Windows Phone, I’m definitely going to try sort some game dev meets in Hull in the coming months for people to show off their games and apps.

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