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Published: 7 years ago


Vortex is fun, it’s crazy and anyone can play it. You are in control of a Camper Van flying through a Vortex, it’s crazy maaaan. Collect the rocket fuel molecules unless your fuel capacity will run out and the game will end displaying your time and molecule count.

Everything’s spinning, can you keep up?
Vortex SS

This game was intentionally made for all kinds of players from children to adults, casual to hard-core gamers. Simplicity is the key and people can challenge their friends and family. How can last the longest? Who can collect the most molecules.

Plenty more updates to come and I’ve got so many more features to add including.

– Particle systems everywhere!
– Music by ensnare
– Tweet/Share your scores and challenge your friends

Vortex is developed initially for Windows 8 on Desktops with keyboards but I plan to develop this concept further for release on Windows touch screen devices and Windows Phone 7 & 8. I developed this application using MonoGame and XNA, I’ve never worked with MonoGame before but have plenty of experience with XNA from my studies at university, the MonoGame guys are doing a fantastic job, there is still so many of us that love XNA!
On another note, if you’d like to have a gander at my other projects including the game (Death’s Burden) a few guys and myself made for the Global Game Jam using Unity for the first time even and my One Game A Month entries keep following my blog.

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